Escaping the hornswogglers

Over 9,000 asylum seekers a year see the insides of 'removal centres'. At the same time British confectionary manufacturers are moving production of their products away from the UK to take advantage of cheaper labour and operating costs.

Could the original Bournville model - a self-contained village for factory workers - be re-envisaged as a more productive architecture to house the 2000 people who are currently detained at any one time?

Based on a reading of Roald Dahl's children's book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and its conduct towards the factory's own migrant workers - the oompa-loompas - the project examines our current attitude towards immigration through a narrative of absurd spaces within the building. Situated in a public park where visitors can enjoy and experience the excess of all things chocolate, I explore the juxtaposition of spaces of imprisonment within the factory and the free-movement of goods.

The notions of brand and national identity and perception of values, embedded in a product as innocuous as a chocolate bar, are also explored through manipulating the thresholds of public awareness of the presence of the work-force of asylum seekers.

Diagrammatic Axo
Showing the 3 layers that lie within the Chelsea Barracks site, with a chocolate and asylum procession route via the Thames.

Top Layer: isolation cells for asylum sleep. Middle Layer: Pubic Park exploring the ideas of greed, Gluttony, excess and most importantly the freedom of choice. Bottom Layer: Asylum amenities / and chocolate factory space.
Asylum Amenities
The entry of light marking the symbol of hope, lying within a concrete underground imprisoned space.
Asylum Swimming Baths
Like Bournville the asylum 'removal centre' programatically generous however encased within concrete imprisoned bounds.
Asylum Corridor View
The view is atypical from the base of tower stairs, with focal points leading towards the factory spaces.
House of Dribble
Fountains of chocolate within a gold stripped public park exploring the ideas of greed, Gluttony and freedom of choice.
Smell Noise Light Exchanger
Bringing light to the factory below, whilst bringing smells and noises from below to top subtly hinting to the horrors below. The lie within a gold stripped public park exploring the ideas of greed, Gluttony and freedom of choice.
Forest of Arms
A paradise of tree houses for children, embodied in the form of arms symbolising the removal of identity of the imprisoned asylum seekers below.
Yummy Strawberry flavoured lick-able Arms on a Wall
Symbolic to the literal entrapment of asylum seekers, whilst they 'serve'. (90% of all menial jobs in the UK are undertaken by immigrants)
House of Revelation
Central folli that is the focal point of the park. From this point site lines beneath the park reveal the world that lies beneath.
House of Revelation
Short Section
Cutting through showing the relationship between the imprisoned asylum amenities, and chocolate factory surrounded by a isolating canal for chocolate shipment and the public park above exploring the ideas of greed, Gluttony, excess and most importantly the freedom of choice.
Top Floor Public Park Plan
Bottom Floor Asylum Amenities and Factory